Do you have a legal right to record the police?

Record the Police Do you have a legal right to record the police? The simple answer is yes, and in certain situations, you should! Now more than ever we have the ability to keep law enforcement accountable by directly exposing any police misconduct. However, there are...

Gun in the Glove Compartment? Not Without a CCW Permit

If you do not have a carry concealed weapon (CCW) permit, can you keep your gun in the glove compartment of your car? In North Carolina, you cannot. Pursuant to G.S. 14-269, one cannot carry a firearm, bowie knife, or an array of other weapons upon their person while...

New Year, New You! – Expungements

Every January 1st, we are reminded that the New Year can be a fresh start for us, a chance to do something different or make changes for the better. People make resolutions to get healthy, or set goals like finding a new job or work on improving their relationships or even decluttering their house. An expungement might just be what you need!

New GLG Expungement Team member, Manny Reyes!

Granados Law Group is excited to welcome Manny Reyes to our team! Manny will be working in our expungements department and will be taking over for long-time expungement staff member, Jennifer Popa.

Exciting News and BIG Changes in 2023!

Message from Wiley Nickel – I have some very exciting, yet bittersweet news! On November 8th, I won my race for Congress in North Carolina’s 13th District. Because of my new position as a member of the United States House of Representatives, I am no longer able to remain an owner and an attorney with the law firm.

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