Accessory Before the Fact

Did you know that one can be charged with accessory before the fact?

Accessories Before the Fact

You may be charged as an accessory before the fact if, before the crime is committed, you help the person who actually committed it.

Elements of an Accessory Before the Fact

  1. The crime was committed by some person other than you, and

  2. Before the crime was committed, you counseled, procured, commanded, or knowingly aided that other person to commit the crime, and

  3. Your actions or statements caused or contributed to the commission of that crime by that other person, and

  4. You were not present when the crime was committed.

Will You Be Held Responsible for the Crime?

Yes, unlike Accessory After the Fact, you may be charged with the crime that was committed.

Examples of Being an Accessory Before the Fact

Even if you are not present when the crime occurs, you could be charged with Accessory Before the Fact in North Carolina if:

  • You helped plan the crime,

  • or Acquired tools or weapons necessary for the other person to actually commit the crime.

Sentencing for an Accessory Before the Fact

In North Carolina, an accessory before the fact is essentially treated the same as the person who committed the crime themselves.  Which means, as an accessory before the fact, you may receive the same punishment as the person who actually committed the crime.

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