Traffic Tickets

How to Handle Traffic Tickets

A simple traffic ticket can have very serious consequences. In addition to a fine, your insurance rates could go through the roof. You could also possibly lose your drivers’ license. By paying a fine, you are pleading guilty, possibly to a misdemeanor offense. All of these consequences can be avoided by hiring our firm to handle the matter for you.

We handle all kinds of traffic tickets in Wake, Chatham, Orange, Johnston, and Durham Counties. Our attorneys help their clients contest speeding and other traffic tickers. In many cases, they have been able to have charges reduced to a lower level violation or dismissed altogether. In most cases, a reduction to the non-moving violation of improper equipment is the best option. A reduction to improper equipment means no insurance points and no DMV points.

Our rates start at $150.00 for traffic tickets. Call our office at 919-650-2851 to discuss options for your case.

Frequently Asked Questions

“I Got a Speeding ticket. How is it Going to Affect my Auto Insurance Premium?”

It depends on how fast you were driving, your prior DMV record, the record of those in your household, and how your ticket is handled. After listening to that information about your record I’ll be able to tell you how your ticket will affect your insurance rate. Generally it’s an increase of $200 per point per year. So a speeding ticket could cost you an extra $600 over three years if it is not handled correctly.

“The Officer Who Gave Me a Speeding Ticket Said it was Mandatory that I Appear in Court. Do I Have to Appear in Court?”
North Carolina law requires individuals to appear in Court when they receive speeding tickets at specific high rates of speed. In most situations I’m able to get your court appearance waived and can save you the considerable time and effort of appearing in Court. It’s not a pleasant experience and it can definitely take a while. Every client at my law firm is sent a “waiver of appearance” form which allows me to handle their case without the client being present. There are certain situations where it is required for a client to appear in court but it’s usually a rare situation. For more information on how your Raleigh, NC speeding ticket will be handled please contact me directly. I’ll be happy to speak with you on the phone any time.
“My speeding ticket was for 20 mph over the speed limit. Can I lose my North Carolina driver's license?”
Yes. However, Granados Law Group has ways to help you keep your license. During your free initial consultation we will discuss a number of factors which will help us in dealing with the District Attorney to help you keep your license and keep your insurance rates down.
“I Received a North Carolina Speeding Ticket. I Live in Another State. Is the North Carolina Ticket Going to Affect my Insurance or my Current Driver's License?”
While the DMV in your state will probably find out about the North Carolina traffic citation, the question of how the citation will affect your insurance depends on your local DMV and how your NC traffic ticket is handled. It will very likely follow you back home so it’s important to deal with it promptly. I can appear on your behalf to help fix your ticket in order to keep your insurance rates low and to make sure the damage is lessened or eliminated.
“Can I Lose my Car and/or Driver's License for Prearranged Racing?”
If you have been charged with “prearranged racing” you could lose your car and driver’s license if convicted. Call our law office to speak with us about your case if you have been charged with this offense.
"How Can I Fix a Traffic Ticket Where I Pled Guilty?"
You might be able to re-open your case by filing a Motion for Appropriate Relief. Also known as a MAR motion. MAR motions can be used in traffic cases. An example could be a situation where a driver has represented himself in court without correct knowledge the law and ends up with an insurance increase or suspension of license as a result.
Can you Get my Ticket Reduced to the Non-Moving Violation of "Improper Equipment?"
Maybe! We’re looking for the right answer to the questions below:

No more than one other moving violation in the last three (3) years

No more than three moving violations within the last ten (10) years

No reductions to improper equipment in North Carolina within the last three (3) years

Original ticket says you were charged with speeding 20 mph or less over the posted speed limit and not in excess of 85 mph.

Assuming eligibility we charge $150 for improper equipment eligible cases.

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