DMV Hearings

DMV Hearings

If a person has a bad driving record or numerous driving convictions, they may be suspended by DMV for a period of one year for a first moving violation during a period of suspension, or for 3 or more years (called a permanent revocation) for multiple violations. Any lawyer seeking to assist you with license restoration will run your driving record and determine the reason for the suspension, whether they are easy matters to take care of like unpaid tickets/fines or failures to appear, or whether the revoked license is for more serious issues like multiple convictions within a certain time period.

If your license is revoked for more than a year, you might need to petition DMV for a reinstatement of your license. You might need to have a DMV hearing for reinstatement if you have had more than one Driving While Impaired charge, or you refused to blow into an intox machine when you were requested and were charged with DWI. You might also need a DMV hearing if you have had several moving violations during a period of suspension or if you have had your license suspended for a medical reason. Whatever the reason for the suspension, a lawyer should assist you in putting your best foot forward with the DMV hearing officer, to have the best chance of success in getting your license restored.

You may need to call witnesses to demonstrate compliance with North Carolina laws like not driving, to talk about how you have made changes to your routine in order to follow the law, or to testify that you are of sound physical/mental health, etc. There are DMV fees associated with requesting a DMV hearing, depending on the reason for the suspension. As a general rule of thumb, you must have served at least half the period of revocation before you are eligible for a hearing. A permanent revocation requires that a minimum of two years must have passed before you seek to have your license restored.

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