Gun in the Glove Compartment? Not Without a CCW Permit

If you do not have a carry concealed weapon (CCW) permit, can you keep your gun in the glove compartment of your car? In North Carolina, you cannot.

Pursuant to G.S. 14-269, one cannot carry a firearm, bowie knife, or an array of other weapons upon their person while concealing it in a place that is not their own property. Essentially, this means you cannot conceal a gun on you if you are not at your own home without a permit issued by the county sheriff. For example, you cannot keep a handgun in your purse if that handgun cannot be seen in plain view. You cannot keep a pistol in your center console if the console lid is not open and the gun can be plainly seen. Furthermore, you cannot keep a gun in your closed glove compartment unless you have a carry concealed (CCW) permit.

Common sense dictates that you should keep a gun in your glove compartment to keep it from going off while driving. However, North Carolina sees it differently – Wake County especially wants you to have a permit to keep the gun concealed and will prosecute a CCW charge to the fullest extent of the law.

Police in Wake County prefer that you keep the gun in plain view on your seat. If you are stopped by police, you must notify them that you have a firearm in your possession. Remember that you do NOT have to consent to a search of your vehicle, In fact, you should never consent to a search of your vehicle, home, or person. Cops will not “go easier on you” if you consent to search.

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