Got A Speeding Ticket? Here’s What To Do

Do not pay that Wake County speeding ticket without talking to an attorney first.

Should I pay my ticket off online?

No. Do NOT pay your speeding ticket without calling an experienced traffic attorney. By paying off a speeding ticket, you are pleading guilty to the charge. This could result in points on your license, a significant insurance increase, and a suspension of your driving privileges.

Should I represent myself in traffic court?

You can represent yourself in traffic court but it is better to consult an experienced traffic attorney who can review your driving history and negotiate how to get out of paying court costs and the best possible deal for you to prevent points on your license. The goal for most clients is a reduction to the non-moving violation which can result in zero insurance points and zero points on your license.

Does the officer have to prove his/her radar was working properly?

No. The radar simply corroborates the officer’s visual estimate of your rate of speed. No radar reading is required for you to be found guilty of a speeding charge. The officer simply needs to state that based on his/her training that he or she estimated your speed to be above the posted speed limit.

Can the District Attorney in traffic court reduce my ticket?

They can dismiss, reduce or amend your ticket to another charge, such as improper equipment. An experienced traffic attorney will know what type of reduction or amended charge is best for your case in order to minimize the consequences of a speeding ticket.

Can the District Attorney in traffic court give me a Prayer for Judgment Continued (PJC)?

No, only a judge can give you a PJC. In order to be granted a PJC, you must first accept responsibility (i.e. – plead guilty) to the charge. Any experienced traffic attorney will know whether or not a PJC should be used in your case.

How much are the court costs and fines for most speeding tickets?

The court costs and fines for most speeding tickets vary by the exact charge and facts of the case itself. For most non-moving violations, such as improper equipment, court costs and fines are generally around $273.00 in Wake County. For moving violations, court costs and fines are generally somewhere between $200.00 – $220.00 total. While non-moving violations, such as an improper equipment, have higher costs, you would not have any points on your license or any hefty insurance increase.

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