Accessory After the Fact

What does it mean to be charged with accessory after the fact in NC?

Accessories After the Fact

You may be charged as an accessory after the fact if, after the crime is committed, you help the person who actually committed it.

To be an accessory after the fact you must:

  • Know that a felony was committed,

  • Act specifically to aid or assist the felon,

  • And give the aid or assistance for the purpose of helping the felon avoid apprehension or conviction.

Will You Be Held Responsible for the Crime?

No, unlike conspiracy, you cannot be charged with the crime that was committed.

You Failed to Report a Crime, are You Now An Accessory?

No.  Simply failing to report a crime will not amount to you being an accessory after the fact.  But, if you give false information about the crime to law enforcement to prevent the person who committed the crime from being caught, you could now be considered an accessory after the fact.

Sentencing for an Accessory After the Fact

In North Carolina, you will not be charged with the crime committed.  However, if the crime you were an accessory after the fact too is proven beyond a reasonable doubt, you may be punished two classes lower than the felony the principal committed.  Punishment for an accessory after the fact varies greatly depending on the actual crime committed.

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