Robbery with Firearms or Other Dangerous Weapons

In North Carolina, Robbery with Firearms or Other Dangerous Weapon is a felony.

How a Bang for Your Buck Will Leave You With a Felony Charge

In North Carolina, Robbery with Firearms or Other Dangerous Weapon is a felony.  In North Carolina, General Statute § 14-87 defines it as:

Any person or persons who, having in possession or with the use or threatened use of any firearms or other dangerous weapon, implement or means, whereby the life of a person is endangered or threatened, unlawfully take or attempts to take personal property from another person or from any place of business, residence or banking institution or any other place where there is a person or persons in attendance, at any time, either day or night, or who aids or abets any such person or persons in the commission of such crime, shall be guilty of a Class D felony.

Do you have to use the firearm to be found guilty of this crime?

No, the statute applies if you are in possession of the firearm or other dangerous weapon, if you use the firearm, or if you threaten to use the firearm.

North Carolina Penalties for Robbery with Firearms or Other Dangerous Weapon

The penalty you receive if convicted of robbery with a dangerous weapon or firearms in North Carolina will depend on whether or not you have previously been convicted of a felony before this in your life.  If you have no prior felonies, you may receive a sentence of up to 204 months.  If you classify as a habitual offender, this could increase your sentence up to 120 months.  If you have been previously charged with a felony you could also be charged with possession of firearms by a felon.

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