North Carolina Driver’s License Suspended for Fraud Due to Facial Recognition Software?

Around ten years ago the North Carolina DMV started using facial recognition software to cut driver’s license ID fraud and to battle terrorism and ensure social security.

Around ten years ago the North Carolina DMV started using facial recognition software to cut driver’s license ID fraud and to battle terrorism and ensure social security. This facial recognition software and new technology allowed them to ensure that if someone used another person’s personal information to get an ID or driver’s licenses they would ultimately identify.  For many this facial recognition software is just now catching up to them ten to twenty years later.

What Kind of Fake ID are We Talking About?

There are several varieties of fake ID’s: the “novelty” driver’s license obtained from a private vendor, a doctored version of the underage person’s real driver’s license, a duplicate driver’s license from an older relative, friend or acquaintance who looked like the underage person, or, the gold standard: a DMV-issued driver’s license with the underage person’s picture but an older person’s name, address, and birthdate. These days, on-line vendors sell fake IDs, and using facial recognition technology makes it nearly impossible to obtain the gold standard fake ID from the North Carolina DMV.

Original Goal was Terrorism and Identity Theft

The facial recognition technology was a great technology to stop those involved with committing fraud and identity theft but the main victim has been college and high school students who used someone else’s information to get an over 21 license to allow them to get into clubs and bars.  For many they would get a relative or friend’s social security card and birth certificate and go to the North Carolina DMV to get a new driving license that showed their picture and an age of 21 or higher.  Then they would use the card to get into bars and once they turned 21 with their real license they would throw away the fake ID and move on with their lives.  Now that bad decision as a kid is catching up with many in North Carolina

Ten Years Later?

Many who used this trick to get into bars and clubs are now finding out that the DMV has figured out their scheme.  As far back as ten to fifteen years after getting that ID at the DMV many are finding that it has caught up with them.  The news comes by way of a suspension and a phone call from a NC DMV License & Theft Bureau Agent.  That one shortcut from your past can catch up with you today.  Many people are totally different people with responsible jobs and families but that one mistake can still catch up with you today.

DMV Identity Theft Cases

The North Carolina DMV is generally more interested in cases where that ID was used for purposes of fraud and identity theft, immigration crimes and of course terrorism.  Generally they are less interested in prosecuting cases where someone used a fake ID only to get into bars when a lot of time has passed.  The person whose information was used can also be brought into the DMV, interviewed and charged.  So if you allowed someone to use your information to get a fake ID then you too could find that your license was suspended or you could also be charged with a criminal offense.

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