NC Prayer for Judgment

A Prayer for Judgment can help you avoid points on your license and an insurance increase.

A Prayer for Judgment Continued, most commonly referred to as a PJC, is a unique tool to North Carolina residents that allows the court to grant some judicial mercy in some cases. Most commonly associated with traffic related matters, a PJC prevents license and insurance points from being imposed on the driver. PJC’s have the added benefit of eliminating fines associated with certain traffic offenses.

PJC’s can only be granted twice in a five year period on a per-household basis and are not available to those holding a commercial drivers license .There are some instances where the court will not grant a PJC including any DWI, excessive speeding tickets, and passing a stopped school bus.

A PJC is technically a conviction and will show up in a criminal background check and will likely count towards your criminal history for any subsequent criminal convictions. In weighing whether a PJC is the right course of action for a ticket, it’s best to ask an experienced traffic attorney who knows the ins and outs of the system.

If you get a minor traffic citation and want to know whether you qualify for a prayer for judgment continued, contact Granados Law Group, PLLC — Attorney Lindsey Granados can help! Lindsey is an experienced traffic attorney located in Cary, North Carolina. Lindsey has handled numerous cases. Let Lindsey answer any questions you may have about your DWI charge. Call Wake County Lawyer Lindsey Granados today for a free consultation at (919) 650-2851.

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