Move Over Laws in NC

Did you know you must change lanes if cops are pulled over?

If you see a police officer, utility worker, or emergency vehicle pulled over on the side of the road, you must move over to the left if you safely can. If you can not safely move over, you must slow down and proceed with caution. Police in North Carolina have been enforcing the move over law frequently.

For example, you are driving in the right lane of a four-lane highway. There is a State Trooper pulled over on the side of the road with their blue lights on. If there are no cars in the lane to your immediate left, meaning you can safely change lanes, you must move into that lane. If there is a car in the lane to your immediate left and you can not safely change lanes without cutting that vehicle off, you must slow down and pass the State Trooper with caution.

A violation of this law carries a heavy fine, could result in a license suspension, and can even become a felony if an officer, worker, or emergency personnel is injured as a result of failing to move over. If convicted, you can also expect your car insurance to increase.

Just because you were cited does not mean you will necessarily be convicted – there might be some defenses. Contact a local experienced traffic attorney for more information.

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