First Offender’s Program

You might have the opportunity to have your Wake County charge dismissed with community service or classes

As a college student, sometimes decisions are made that lead to getting a criminal citation. Some of those decisions may include purchasing alcohol with a fake ID, holding a beer for a friend, or being at the wrong place at the wrong time when a party or tailgate gets busted. When given an alcohol citation, it can be nerve-wracking to think that a potential college or employer would see the charge and how it could impact your future plans.

Fortunately, a North Carolina statute gives young adults the opportunity to earn a dismissal of an alcohol based citation by completing a deferral program. This option is available for first time offenders who have not participated previously in a deferral program. To enter the program, the defendant and the prosecutor enter into an agreement to defer the prosecution of the case. The typical time span to complete the program is six months.

To enter the program requires admitting guilt by signing the deferral program paperwork, and to successfully complete the program requires several steps:

  1. Complete the 15 hour alcohol education class through SouthLight;

  2. Pay the $250 program fees and $183 court cost to the Wake County Clerk of Court by the end of the six month period (subject to change);

  3. Not be convicted of any other criminal offense during the six month period;

  4. Remain in school or employed;

  5. Comply with any other conditions that are imposed.

Upon completion of the above requirements, the citation would be dismissed. Alternatively, if the requirements are not completed, then judgment will be entered and a sentence will be imposed.

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