Wake Improper Equipment Tickets

Wake County permits improper equipment reductions on certain speeding tickets

Am I eligible for an Improper Equipment Reduction in North Carolina?

An improper equipment reduction is a common way of dealing with speeding tickets in North Carolina.  Many prosecutors in North Carolina will reduce a speeding ticket (a moving violation) to improper equipment (a non-moving violation) for those with a safe driving record.  A reduction to “improper equipment” is a great option for individuals who face the unfortunate circumstance of receiving a speeding ticket in North Carolina.  An improper equipment is a non-moving violation reduction, so it results in zero license or insurance points.

How do I get an Improper Equipment Reduction in Raleigh North Carolina?

Based on our experience, we are able to easily identify those who fit within the loose guidelines we see from prosecutors. Our Raleigh Speeding Ticket Lawyers handle hundreds of speeding tickets for our clients in and around Wake County, NC on a regular basis and know the general criteria they are looking for. While all cases are unique and we can’t promise or guarantee an outcome for each individual traffic citation client we can generally feel very confident about getting the improper equipment reduction for our clients when they fit within t he safe driver guidelines below.

Wake County Guidelines for Improper Equipment Reductions

The District Attorney Office in Raleigh, North Carolina is generally looking for the following things as they make a decision about allowing a reduction to improper equipment:

  • Speed must be less than 20 mph over the limit and/or less than 85 mph
  • Have you used an improper equipment in the last three years?
  • Have you have more than one other moving violation record in the last three years?
  • Have you had more than three other moving violation record in the last 10 years?

Don’t Pay Your Speeding Ticket Without Talking to a Criminal Defense Lawyer First

The goal for many of our clients is to avoid an increase in their car insurance. Paying your traffic ticket without a reduction could result in a massive hike to your insurance premium. To get your speeding ticket reduced to improper equipment, contact our criminal defense district attorney to discuss your case before you decide to handle it on your own or pay the traffic ticket.

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